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How Much Weight You Actually Need To Lose To Be Healthy


Every third adult in us is struggling with obesity. If you are the one, who thinks that your weight loss goal is overwhelming – here’s a hope for you providing a very attainable benchmark –

Just LOSE 5 % of Your BODY WEIGHT.

As per the Researchers, most of the profound health benefits come simply by losing a small amount of pounds relative to your total weight instead of dropping a large number of pounds on the scale.

To treat obesity, the current guidelines suggest  5 to 10 % weight loss. Losing 5 % of the body weight is pretty easy to go than losing 10 % of weight and hence for people, it is better to aim at the easier target.

5 % of weight loss leads to greater benefits in overall health including a lowered risk for cardiovascular disease and diabetes, improved metabolic function in organs like the liver. Moreover, the small weight loss increases levels of weight loss as well.

If you weight 200 pounds, all you need to lose is 10 pounds to gain important health benefits.