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No Gym, No Diet: 6 Ways To Lose Weight


Even If You Lose ½ Pounds A Week, You Will Still Lose 26 Pounds By This Time Next Year. Just Keep Going.

Weight Loss comes to those who sweat. However, even if you are not counting calories or thumping the gym, you can employ following tricks to shed some pounds easily, without doing much.

#1. Always Start a Meal with a Glass of Water

It will help you feel fuller instantly and stay hydrated – while keeping you from overeating.

#2. Make a Few Simple Swaps at Every Meal 

Instead of choosing Green Goddess dressing at lunch, go for a vinaigrette dressing to save almost 80 calories. Pack fresh fruits instead of dried from snacks. Prepare a list of foods swaps that can save calories here.

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#3. Have a Piece of Dark Chocolate for Dessert 

Don’t look for cookies or cakes after dinner. To satisfy your sugar cravings, go for a piece of dark chocolate. It may not satisfy you equally, but once you wean yourself off sugar addiction, you will be glad that you are saving many calories while enjoying a delicious treat.

#4. Control Your Portion 

Sticking to the right portions is very mandatory when trying to lose weight. Instead of eating from the bag, measure out snacks beforehand. Use smaller plates and bowls. Always put the leftovers away to avoid going for seconds.

#5. Move More 

If you are not giving enough time to a workout, then move a little more during a day. Choose stairs instead of the escalator, park a little farther than your office, walk while you talk on the mobile phone, and take breaks to move around the office. These simple ways can help you burn calories easily.

#6. Don’t Drink your Calories 

This might be one of the reasons you are not seeing the result. A large glass of wine at dinner, morning juices, and daily soda a Lunch are adding empty calories. Drink water and flavor it with fresh ingredients like lemon, mint, and cucumber to save a large number of calories.

Other than these eat a light & early dinner, snack on high-fiber & high-protein foods, and don’t go hungry too long. Get more sleep for seven to nine hours to keep your weight goals on track.

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