Heart Healthy Meal Plans

After spending the past year researching the top diets and plans with doctors, nutrition, and culinary experts, we have designed 5-week Heart-Healthy Meal Plans at different calorie levels. The menus are packed with nutrient-rich diets including lean meats, whole grains, vegetables, low-fat dairy, fruits to meets nutritional criteria particular to people with cardiovascular disease or those hoping to inhibit its development.

This Diet Plan:

  • Gives you a simple, easy-to-follow & quick-to-cook delicious heart-smart meals and enjoy diet more than ever—all while losing weight and putting an end to cravings.

  • Offers a Balanced Diet Plan with easy-to-cook recipes for Breakfast, Morning Snack, Lunch, Afternoon Snack and Dinner.

  • Sets you up with science-backed food that will transform your health and body—and are easy to fit even into your busy day!

  • Will help you feel more confident and comfortable in the way your body looks and your clothes fit.

  • Will help you start feeling slimmer, stronger, more toned, and more confident than ever before.

Make You Heart Healthy Now.

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