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5 Miraculous Smoothie Recipes For Faster Weight-Loss

Weight Loss Smoothie Recipe

Your Body, Much Like Smoothies, You Get Out What You Put In.

Sipping away pounds is a great idea, however, juice cleanses might not be the best idea. The blended brew offers a wide array of nutrition, protein, and fibers. It boosts your metabolism and keeps you fill until your next meal.

Tick down your scale by whipping one of the below mentioned 5 smoothies in the morning:

  1. Vegan Chocolate Milkshake Smoothie

This chocolaty smoothie offers protein and fiber and hence is perfect breakfast to keep you full all morning. Additionally, it is just 350 calories.


1/2 Package Silken Tofu

1/2 Frozen Banana
1/8 Cup Cocoa Powder
2 Cups Spinach
1 Cup Vanilla Soy Milk

1 Tablespoon Flaxmeal

1/4 Cup Fresh Raspberries
3 Ice Cubes

  1. Carrot Cake Smoothie

Offering good amount of protein and fiber, this smoothie will keep you feeling feel till your next meal.


2 Medium Carrots, Peeled & Chopped
2 Cups Spinach

1/2 Frozen Banana
1 Cup Unsweetened Soy Milk
1/8 Cup Golden Raisins

1/2 Scoop Vanilla Protein Powder
1/2 Teaspoon Cinnamon
Dash of Ground Cloves

Dash of Ground Nutmeg
3 Ice Cubes

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  1. Chia Berry Smoothie

Chia seeds add more fiber, protein, and thickness to your smoothie. Additionally, they are pack with antioxidants and keep you full all morning without the need to pack morning snack.


1/2 Cup Unsweetened Pomegranate Juice

1 Cup Frozen Mixed Berries
1/2 Cup Water
1/2 Tablespoon Chia Seeds

  1. Apple-Cinnamon Breakfast Smoothie

This delicious, filling, and healthy smoothie keeps you satisfied for hours and is a favorite of celebs as well.


5 Raw Almonds
1 Banana

1 Red Apple
3/4 Cup Nonfat Greek Yogurt
1/4 Teaspoon Cinnamon

1/2 Cup Nonfat Milk

  1. Debloating Papaya Smoothie

Enjoyed colossal dinner last night and feeling overstuffed, sip on this debloating papaya smoothie. It is rich in enzymes that aid in digestion and also filled with potassium to help flush out excess sodium. This debloating smoothie will start your day right and also help you feel lighter.


1/2 cup pineapple

1 frozen banana
1/4 cucumber (with skin)
2 cups spinach

1/2 cup papaya

1 cup chilled coconut water

4 ice cubes

*To preserve the natural enzymes use fresh fruits only.

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3 Healthy Breakfast Recipes To Lose Weight Fast

Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I know you would have read it many times, but the sad part is you still skip your breakfast. There’s absolutely nothing that you could do that day to make up for the mistake of not eating breakfast in the morning. Start your day with a hearty breakfast. Robert A. HeinLein has said:

One Should Not Attend Even The End Of The World Without A Good Breakfast.

Start eating your breakfast. Eating your morning meal will help you in your way of keeping the pounds off. Healthy carbs, fiber-rich foods, and lots of proteins in your morning meal might boost your metabolism and keep you feeling full until your next meal.

Running late! Below easy to cook breakfast recipes might help you in preparing your breakfast quickly while fueling you up for all day long. These recipes can be prepared in 25 minutes and less and includes weight loss super foods.

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Recipe #1: EGGS ‘N’ GREENS (Total 230 calories)



Heat skillet. Add half the olive oil, sauté spinach and mushrooms, and then remove to a plate. In the skillet, add the remaining olive oil. Crack an egg into the pan, and cook the sunny-side up (If you’re skipping the yolks, you can also go for the white parts instead of whole egg). Add egg to the sauted vegetables. Sprinkle some Sriracha sauce.


As we all know spinach is a magical health food — it will also help cut cravings all day long. Additionally, Egg will keep you full for a long time. The report even says that dieters who eat egg in breakfast, eat 100+ calories less for lunch.

Recipe #2: OATMEAL WITH PECANS & BERRIES (Total 351 calories)



As per the package directions, use skim milk to prepare oatmeal. Mix in raspberries, pecans, and blueberries (and also apple if you want). Your fiber-rich meal is ready to start your day.


Oatmeal is considered as a perfect breakfast because of its soluble fiber. The fiber will keep you full for a longer time until your next meal. Moreover, Blueberries are packed with antioxidants to protect you from obesity.

Recipe #3: SMOKED SALMON TOAST (Total 360 calories)



On the toast, smoothly spread the cream cheese. Then top it with onion, salmon, and chives.


Cream cheese might discourage many of you. But the researchers believe that calcium that is found in dairy products burn more pounds.

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