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How To Shed Face Fat


We all are born with different shape and sizes. If you are a little self-conscious about your double chin or chubby cheeks, then you can naturally shed that extra fat from your face. There’s no way to spot-reduce fat, however, if you incorporate these natural tips into your lifestyle, you will be shedding fat all over, including your face.

Cut Out Salt and Sugar

Consuming too much of salt and sugar retains a ton of extra water. To change your body instantly cut sugar intake down to 20g and sodium to 1,500 mg. It will help your body naturally lose those water weight.

Change Up Your Cardio

You need to increase your cardio game if you really want to get rid of your body’s overall fat. One should perform at least 60 minutes sessions 5 times a week to notice a difference. Instead of a continuously paced workout, go with an interval training as it offers the afterburn effect. Throughout the day, you can burn an extra 200 calories than you would without intervals.

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Change Your Diet

Revamping your diet is the key to seeing results in your face. Follow clean-eating rules, cut back on the processed foods, and don’t eat anything when you feel full. Discover some metabolism boosting recipes for breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinner.

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Drink Plenty of Water

Staying hydrated helps you in keenly suppressing your appetite, keep your skin looking great, boost your metabolism, and even keep bloat at bay. Adding lemon and ginger to your glass can multiply the detoxifying power of the water.

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4 Myths and Facts About Diabetes Diet

Diabetes Tips

Healthy Eating To Prevent, Control and Reverse Diabetes

Diabetes is on the rise because of modern lifestyle. Yet most cases are preventable with minor lifestyle and eating changes. In fact, some of the cases can even be reversed. Preventing and controlling diabetes doesn’t mean not filling your cravings; it means eating a delicious and balanced diet that will also boost your metabolism as well. Diabetes doesn’t mean you need to give up sweets completely. Here are 4 Diabetes Myths and Tips that will make your day:

MYTH #1: People With Diabetes Should Avoid Sugar At All Costs.

TIP: You don’t need to avoid sweets completely. You can still enjoy your favorite desserts. However, you need to limit the packaged foods as those foods contain hidden sugars. Don’t indulge yourself in desserts and make sure that the treat is a part of a healthy diet plan and/or mingled with exercise.

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MYTH #2: A High-Protein Diet Is Best.

TIP: Do you know that eating too much of protein, especially the animal protein might cause insulin resistance. Eat a balanced diet that includes Carbohydrates, Protein, and Fats. Try to fill your meal plate with green veggies and cut down on bread and rice to enjoy healthy treats.

MYTH #3: People With Diabetes Have To Cut Way Down On Carbs.

TIP: Balanced diet is key of healthy living for everyone. The type of carbohydrates you eat and the serving size are very crucial. Always opt for Whole Grain Carbs as they’re great source of fiber and are digested gradually.

Focus on whole grain carbs since they are a good source of fiber and they are digested slowly, keeping blood sugar levels more even.

MYTH #4: You’ll No Longer Be Able To Eat Normally. You Need Special Diabetic Meals.

TIP: The principles of healthy eating are the same—whether or not you’re trying to prevent or control diabetes. Expensive diabetic foods generally offer no special benefit. You can easily eat with your family and friends if you eat in moderation.

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