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Track Your Calories Every Day With This Easy Tip


Fitness Is Not About Being Better Than Someone Else… It’s About Being Better Than You Used Be

Counting CALORIES every day increases your chance of weight-loss success. It may seem overwhelming at first, but it helps you identify the situation that triggers you to overeat and determine whether you are meeting your calorie goal and your nutritional needs.

One of the most effective ways to lose weight is to plan ahead for the day; packing your lunch and snacks. It lets you take charge of the calories you consume. I know most of you track your calories via an app or journal.

Now, it’s time to take your step further. Start LABELLING YOUR FOOD with the NUMBER of calories it contains and the TIME you should eat them. This visually tracking technique is a perfect way to stick to a healthy meal plan. Simply CALCULATE the overall meal for your particular meal or snack and label it with time.

For example, if you planning to have Yogurt, Blueberries, and Granola in the morning, calculate the total calories i.e. 120 + 42 + 120 = 282. Now label it with 282 Calories, 8 AM (or as per time of your breakfast). Do the same for every meals and snack.

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In the beginning, it might be time-consuming for you. Once you identify your favorite low-calorie snack and lunch ideas, you can rotate throughout the week, costing you just a few extra minutes. Moreover, on Sunday, you can Label those snacks and meals ahead which you think can stay all week long, like Fruits, Nuts, etc. Else to get rid of rush in the morning, pack your food the night before.

It might require a bit of extra effort initially, but as the pounds start to burn off, you’ll be motivated to continue.

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7 Widely Used Foods That You Think Are Gluten-Free But Aren’t

gluten free foods

A Gluten Free Diet Still Allows You To Access To Almost Every Vegetable & Fruits, A Variety Of Legumes & Grains, Dairy Products Of Your Picks, Fresh Fish & Meats And Many Gluten-Free Delights To Satisfy Your Cravings.

Gluten causes inflammation, a root cause of almost all chronic conditions. It has been discovered that Gluten can be a very difficult element for the body to handle and hence many people trying to control or prevent coeliac disease are going gluten-free these days in the US and all over the world.

Gluten Dodgers know how to avoid Gluten Foods and keep an eye on grains. However, most of us don’t know that everything from French fries to sausages might be hiding some gluten. Here is a list of some foods, you may not realise contain gluten.

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#1: Dry Roasted Nuts

Yes!! Plain or salted nuts are gluten-free, however, dry roasted nuts often contain some quantity of wheat flour in the coating. So always check the label or try to opt for plain or salted nuts only.

#2: Soy Sauce

The traditional Chinese soy sauce contains some amount of wheat! Try substituting soy sauce with Japanese tamari soy sauce that is usually gluten-free. Though it is always recommended to check the label first.

#3: Buckwheat Flour

We all know, Buckwheat naturally doesn’t contain any Gluten. However, while processing and several growing conditions, it might become contaminated with several other grains, especially wheat. Always choose a brand of Buckwheat flour that is labelled gluten-free to ensure that it is suitable for you to eat.

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#4: Spelt

It is a widely common myth that spelt doesn’t contain gluten, or contains negligible gluten. However, Spelt is basically an ancient strain of wheat and contains a moderate amount of gluten making unsuitable for people with coeliac disease.

#5: Sausages

There a many gluten-free versions available in the market, however, some of the regular sausages contains rusk made from wheat. When picking sausages, check the label and look out for ‘may contain’ statements.

#6: French Fries

Not all the French Fries (diner style steak fries) contains gluten. However, at most of the restaurants, they add a small amount of flour so the fries don’t stick together. Make sure to ask if they add anything like flour before ordering, else make your own fries at home.

#7: Beer

Some of us are not aware that Beer is made with grains like barley that contains gluten. The good thing is there are several gluten-free beer brands available in the market to help you enjoy a frosty brew while being Gluten Free.

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