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Lose 300 Calories In 30 Minutes At Home With These Easy Tips


Good Things Come To Those Who SWEAT

Don’t have time to visit your favorite exercise studio? Sweating at home can be equally effective with the right plan. High-intensity exercise can help you meet your goals indoors. Here are several ideas to sweat of 300 calories in 30 minutes effectively:

#1. Start Jumping Rope

Jumping Rope is always a better idea. Just 35 minutes of jumping can help you shed up to 300 calories. Alternate your five minutes of jumping with 1 minute rest periods to keep up your enthusiasm the whole day through.

#2. Run At 5-mile Per Hour

If you weigh about 155 pounds, maintain a 5-mile per hour pace to sweat almost 300 calories in 30 minutes. Choose a track that causes you sweat and breathe harder to lose more calories in lesser time. Run with your dog, listen to your favorite singer to help you time pass without tiring you.

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#3. Dance It Out

With high-energy dance fitness DVD, you can burn more than 300 calories within 40 minutes only. Do you know, Dance is a proven stress buster as well.

 #4. Take The Stairs

StepMill at the gym helps in burning a ton of calories quickly. The good part is your home stairs offer an equally tough indoor workout. Going up and down the stairs for 30 minutes can help you lose up to 300 calories, depending on your weight.

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#5. Perform Circuit Workouts

Choose several exercises and do it for a predetermined time. For example, opt for 5 exercises such as squats, crunches, glute kickbacks, pushups, and calf raises, perform each for 2 minutes and then repeat the circuit three times. You can lose almost 298 calories if you weight 155 pounds and 355 calories if you weigh 185 words.

Avoid consuming excessive calories. Don’t count calories, choose your food smartly. You Might Not Be THERE Yet, But you are CLOSER Than You Were Yesterday.

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