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Water: Why & How Much You Should Drink

water benefits

Water Is The Driving Force Of All Nature – Leonardo da Vinci

WATER is an easy-to-go way to improve health and productivity. It is said that our body is made up of 70% water. Consequently, to maintain a healthy balance, “Drink More Water”.

Most of us are aware that we should drink more water, however, do you know why you should drink more water! Here is a list of benefits of water that can help you create the habit of drinking more water on daily basis.

Benefits Of Drinking More Water

There’re tons of benefits of drinking more water. Some of the major benefits are:

  1. Drinking Water Helps Maintain the Balance of Body Fluids.
  2. Water Can Help Control Calories
  3. Water Helps Energize Muscles.
  4. Water Helps Keep Skin Looking Good.
  5. Water Helps Your Kidneys.
  6. Water Helps Maintain Normal Bowel Function.

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How Much Water Do You Need!

One of the common questions that people ask are “How can I know if I’m drinking enough water?” Is the water you’re drinking is enough to keep your metabolism cranking?

Experts suggest a “one size fits all” for everyone – one should drink eight 8 ounce glasses of water a day, which equals about 2 liters, or half a gallon. However, the quantity of your water intake might change depending upon your weight, size, physical activity level, and on the area you live. One should drink 1/2 to 1 ounce for each pound he/she weighs.

For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, you should drink 75 to 150 ounces of water a day. If you’re exercising a lot and living in a hot climate, you’d be on the higher end of that range; if you’re in a cooler climate and mostly sedentary, you’d need less.

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5 Tips to Help You Drink More

If you drink less, start drinking more water. Here are some simple tips to increase you water intake and help you acquire its benefits.

  1. Drink a glass of water before every snack or meal.
  2. Replace your soda intake with water. Many people who switch from drinking soda or coffee to drinking water say they feel better.
  3. Choose water-rich beverages you enjoy, like lemon-water or any other flavored water.
  4. Eat more fruits and vegetables. About 20% of our fluid intake comes from foods.
  5. Keep a bottle in your bag, car, and at your desk.

WATER is a natural remedy. Drink your Way to Better Health.

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